childhood Celine Zamira Zamora was born to stage magician Guiomar Zamora and his young lover/stage assistant Mimi Amaro in 1986 Las Vegas where the two had a successful act as weeknight filler for one of the biggest casinos on the Strip. According to everything she has since heard, her early childhood was happy and full of love from both parents... until something in their union broke irreparably and eventually led to Mimi packing up one night, leaving both Gio and a barely two year-old Celine behind.

From then on, she was raised by her single father and a rotating door of babysitters. Most of her childhood was spent backstage, watching and learning from her father's craft, until a freak accident claimed Gio's left in 1996 just weeks before Celine's tenth birthday. She wound up back in her parents' hometown of Boston under the guardianship of her paternal grandmother. She was only with her grandmother for two years before illness claimed her life, bouncing Celine into the foster care system - where she remained, in and out of various group homes, until becoming legally emancipated at age 16. She finished out high school while living with a roommate in similar circumstances and juggling a few part-time jobs.

education Despite all the upheaval and personal tragedy that marked her younger years, her father and grandmother after him had always stressed nothing should stop her from getting her education. School became one of the only constants in a life that seemed to explode every few years or so and Celine worked hard at it. The effort paid off when she was awarded a scholarship to Harvard University. She graduated summa cum laude in 2008 with a degree in computer science & business.
career Celine worked a string of tech jobs in the private sector, starting out in finance before shifting to non-profits and hating each job slightly more than the last. In 2010, seeking an unconvential way out, she started a website to document her growing obsession with skincare and the beauty industry... just to see what would happen. What happened was a large community of like-minded women found their way to her blog and became a movement that, three years later, finally saw Celine leave her last shitty 9-to-5 job for the 24-hour a day work of running her own company. With the first round of investor financing, Glossier went live.
personal In 2005, she began a long on/off relationship with Declan Ward after the two met at a Harvard charity event. They married in October 2018 and reside between NYC and San Francisco.
With a name like Zatanna Zatara, becoming a professional stage magician almost seems like an unquestionable career choice. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the illusions she creates and the spells she weaves to dazzle the audience just so happen to be real. Her father is the legendary magician Zatara and she works hard to live up to his legacy. She has been a member of the Justice League of America, the Sentinels of Magic, and the Seven Soldiers. In addition to her career as a hero, she is also a famous performing magician.

Intelligent, confident, self-assured and able to manipulate reality itself with her vast magical abilities, Zatanna balances her time as a skilled stage illusionist with battling the dark arts alongside some of the world’s greatest super heroes. By reciting spells backwards, she can invoke anything her imagination wills, and her inventiveness often allows her to find creative solutions to even the trickiest of problems. [more...]



  • antipathy
  • chronokinesis
  • dimensional travel
  • eldritch blasts
  • elemental magic
  • energy construct creation
  • energy transference
  • flight
  • force fields
  • gravikinesis
  • healing
  • invisibility
  • magical awareness
  • molecular reconstruction
  • phasing
  • reality alteration
  • size alteration
  • teleportation
  • transformation
  • weather manipulation



aquariusISFP4w5slytherin Celine vacillates between being extremely (and aggressively) outgoing on her good days to being moody, rotten, and mean on the bad ones. When she's in high spirits, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more lively and sympathetic friend β€” she operates with a vivacity that frequently crosses the line into obnoxious. She lacks a basic understanding of boundaries and personal space where other people are concerned. On bad days, she's closed off and secretive, paranoid about any kind gestures and all too easily offended.


  • worked at least a dozen jobs, sometimes three at once, to support herself through high school & college.
  • graduated from harvard summa cum laude class of '08 and worked in the tech sector for eight years.
  • excellent as she can be in front of an audience, celine has terrible social skills and struggles with anxiety.
  • two tattoos: a small crescent on her right wrist, a 'DDW' monogram on her pelvic bone.
  • cursive handwriting is melodysta, printed handwriting is justine flowers.

β€œthere's no police these creatures fear, no
law they obey & no jail that holds them
... but there's me.”